Francois Louis Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces

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T 260

  • Tip opening       2.60 mm
  • Chamber           Sphere (SP)
  • Great flexibility with a lot of projection and immediate response.

T 280

  • Tip opening       2.80 mm
  • Chamber            Sphere (SP), Medium-Large (ML)
  • A “universal” mouthpiece:. Very stable, centered pitch, small enough to be playable by good amateurs and students, big enough to put real amount of air and be playable by professionals. Lots of projection with bottom on the attack of the note, very precise.


T 285

  • Tip opening          2.85 mm
  • Chamber              Sphere (SP)
  • Due to the longer facing curve, it brings more resistance and takes more air. The soft curve gives it a lot of flexibility. This is the best mouthpiece for the professional player that needs to use all possibilities of dynamics, sound colors and range in one mouthpiece., without having to struggle too hard on a real big mouthpiece.

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